Plavby Praha Vltava
Cruises Prague Vltava We organize tours and cruises along the Vltava and its entire cascade. Night Prague from the vantage point of view of the Vltava still loved each client. Many of them have returned several times. We will show you places where you can not get dry feet, romantic hideaways and beautiful countryside overlooking Prague. Enjoy the view of Charles most.Prag castle, or a romantic Vyšehrad. Who already knows the city from the Vltava may go with us along the Elbe to Dresden. We recommend to visit the castle Nelahozeves or Veltrusy. A great experience is the very passage of locks or boat lift Orlik. Romance for Two: Private boat for you. Custom captain, passage locks with a stop at a restaurant Fregatta whose cuisine was awarded outstanding Czech chef Zdeněk Pohlreich the show Yes, boss. Sun all day and do nothing in the beautiful bays (total privacy) .It All this and more can be experienced with Vltava Fishing. Fishing and catfish in Prague Who is not interested in the rides can take advantage of our trips for catfish on the Vltava river in Prague. All the equipment we have the bait fish, perfectly equipped fishing boat, just call and come in a good mood. For starters, we have an experienced guide who will explain everything and show. Email:  tel.: +420 777 132 456         +420 603 386 598  rss reader empty...mailovač Zaslat e-mail adminovi - Váš E-mail Kontaktujte admina této stránky! kalendář Počasí In-počasí